St. Christopher Parish Finance TeamThe Parish Finance Council is both a representative and consultative body with the primary purpose of assisting the pastor in the administration of the parish’s temporal goods (e.g. financial resources and buildings and grounds). All members of the Council, sharing the pastoral responsibility that is theirs from their baptismal commitment, should work together in cooperation with the pastor to determine what is best for the financial dimension of the parish.

The responsibilities of the Finance Council, in cooperation with the pastor, are to ensure that the parish resources are administered in a manner that promotes the pastoral activities of the parish, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • To provide for spiritual enrichment and growth of the faith community.
  • To develop and monitor the parish budget.
  • To prepare and present clear and understandable financial reports annually.
  • To engage in a continuous process of long-range financial planning for the parish based on its mission statement and strategic plan.
  • To set financial goals and establish priorities for the parish based on the Pastoral Council’s current short term goals and objectives.
  • To assist in the formation of parish financial policies concerning parish resources (both financial and real property assets) in conformity with the Church’s teachings in faith and morals, with civil and church law, and with diocesan policies.
  • To evaluate financial programs and processes for the purpose of improvement.

No more than eight members are appointed by the pastor to serve on the Finance Council at one time. Members are appointed by the pastor for their expertise in matters of finance and financial planning, insurance, law, and building construction and maintenance. Each Finance Council member is appointed for a two-year term. The Council meets bi-monthly on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6pm.

More Information

For more information on the Parish Finance Council, please contact Father John Sasse or Jim Schroeder at 608-845-9351.

Meeting Minutes