Worship and Spiritual Life Commission

(left to right: Sue Dahms, Joan Gerhards, Catherine Schneider, Fr. William Vernon, JoAnn Wainwright and Fern Reilly)

The purpose of the Worship/Liturgy Commission at the parish level is to assist the pastor and the parish in attaining the full, conscious, and active participation of all the faithful in parish liturgical and sacramental celebrations, seeking real ways to engage the faithful in their call to holiness.

This commission is responsible to the Parish Pastoral Council. It regularly reports to the Council through either commission liaisons or via written reports. The Worship Commission, in order to be successful, must collaborate closely with parish staff and volunteers in key positions: liturgist, director of sacred music, and directors of parish choirs. The Worship Commission relies heavily upon the Diocesan Office of Worship for resources, including access to the Liturgical documents and materials from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee on the Liturgy.

The Worship Commission accomplishes its mission in the building up of the people of God as a holy people by inviting full, conscious, and active participation of the faithful through:

  • Education in bulletins or parish newsletters
  • Catechesis for liturgy through faith formation offerings and parent meetings for sacramental preparation.
  • Recruitment and training of liturgical ministers
  • Selection of appropriate worship materials and guides, including the selection of hymnals
  • Commissioning services for liturgical ministers
  • Adoption of clear, sacramental guidelines for the parish
  • Special prayer opportunities for the parish
  • Training of extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, altar servers, and lectors

More Information

This Commission meets semi-regularly throughout the year. For more information, contact Father John Sasse at the parish office.

Meeting Minutes